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Part of a human brain cell communicating to a micro-chip…WOW!!

I’d rather be a cyborg than a goddess
Donna J. Haraway

Bionics seeks to transcend our biological nature by replacing biological parts with artificial parts (“deflesh“), or by translating the human mind into information in a computer (Uploading ). These processes are naturally highly speculative so far, since we are still far from this technological level. However, in the field of connecting artificial limbs and other systems to nerves, some promising advances have already happened or seem probable in the near future.



BIONICS: (a) The science of connecting biological systems to artifical organs, or other systems. (b) An attempt to develop better machines through understanding of biological design principles or imitation of biology. The first use is most common among transhumanists and science fiction fans, the other is most common among cyberneticists. [Origin uncertain, although it seems to have been popularized by The Six Million Dollar Man]

DEFLESH: To replace flesh with non-flesh. [FM-2030]

UPLOAD: (a) To transfer the consciousness and mental structure of a person from a biological matrix to an electronic or informational matrix (this assumes that the strong AI postulate holds). The term “Downloading” is also sometimes used, mainly to denote transferring the mind to a slower or less spacious matrix. (b) The resulting infomorph person. For more information, see the Mind Uploading Home Page or my upload page. [The origin of the term is uncertain, but obviously based on the computer technology term ‘uploading’ (loading data into a mainframe computer).]


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