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My reply to ‘landofthefree2’:

Dear Writer,

While reading your article some of the words that you used popped up in my mind and made me wonder certain things.

Morality Vs Evil?

Let’s talk about morality first and see how it’s been it invisible all these years. 
It’s a well known statistic that 1 in 5 children do not have food to eat in US every day, every second. BUT sadly the morality of Americans had/have no voice to cry out for these dying, starving children. Amazingly, Terri Shiavo a 41 year old, handicapped woman has become an issue of morality in America. What a joke!! Are you blind to the fact that are 1000s of young children in US who are currently suffering from poverty & starvation?

It’s hard to believe that anyone who stood by protesting at the Hospice, truly cared for the poor, the less fortunate, disabled, hungry & dying people of this country or this world – You know why? Cos’ every day, in every state, in every country there is a child going hungry, but no one protests for any of this children. Why is that so? Cos’ it’s not telecast in TVs & radios? People need publicity to care for or protest for someone in need of food, clothes or aid? That’s called hypocrisy and that’s Evil!!

Innocent human being?

Who is innocent? No one is!! Regardless of disability or not. The Apostle Paul said, “For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of GOD” (Romans 3:23). Therefore, no one is innocent or holy or righteous except for GOD and thus deserve death according to GOD’s jugdement to Men through Adam our forefather!!
Human Decency?
Using politics for the purpose of propagating the conservative movement is called human decency?
Making public the private affairs of a husband (Michael Schiavo) and his wife (Terri) is called human decency?
Working against Terri’s death wishes is called human decency?
If these actions are called acts of human decency,…
Then what about the sanctity of marriage, the privacy of a husband and wife, respecting the wishes of an individual….etc…what are all these called? Indecency?
BTW, you should be proud that the Courts of this Country have prevailed against all abuses & accusations and judged based on the rules that the founding fathers of this nation set forth!



As I sit here, I have come to the fact that Terri is now gone from us. May she rest in peace. As always in the course of human events great moments in the life of a nation and a people go under the radar of society. Who can say what result will flow from the debate being expressed by those that have witnessed this. I for one have looked mortality in the face, perhapes for the first time in my life as i am sure many of us have.

In that reflective state, I now see the face of evil. I thought that he would look different not a balding, 63 year old demigod in Florida. He and the system that have acted with malice toward a innocent human being is not my America. He and the system that supports him is not what was the intent of the founders of this country. The act of doing wrong is a sin and a crime against humanity. It is not my place or anyone else to stand in judgement of anyone in this trampling of human deceny. It is rather the obligation to see that this will not happen again.

Do we as a people have no eyes to see, no ears to hear, or no mouth to speak. Are we just the cattle led by the nose to the slaughter (LITERALLY).

Grief takes many forms, anger, outrage, sadness, and depression. It can also take tke the form of change. Change is needed now. Not the type that is watered down by time, or delayed by politics. We are in a battle for the very soul of America. Our actions on the this are going to determine not only how we survive, but also if we survive.

Politics is but the mirror of a society. Make sure that what is seen is worth looking at.


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