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Death According To The Scriptures

My reply to ‘saveterrischiavo’:
Dear Madam,
I believe this article of yours derived from the ignorance of what the Scripture says about death!
First, you need to know where death comes from. It all started in the garden of Eden where GOD cursed Adam and Eve our forefather and mother to DEATH (Genesis 3:19 – Read the commentary on this verse: GOD denounces that the termination of a miserable life shall be death; as if he would say, that Adam should at length come, through various and continued kinds of evil, to the last evil of all. Thus is fulfilled what we said before, that the death of Adam had commenced immediately from the day of his transgression. For this accursed life of man could be nothing else than the beginning of death…) because they disobeyed GOD and thus had sinned againist HIM! Thus all men are cursed to die one way or the other!! The Apostle Paul said, “For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of GOD” (Romans 3:23). Thus no one is innocent or holy or righteous except for GOD and deserve death!!
(refer to the commentary on this verse: he takes as granted that every one, conscious of his sin, when he comes before the tribunal of God, is confounded and lost under a sense of his own shame; so that no sinner can bear the presence of God, as we see an example in the case of Adam. He again brings forward a reason taken from the opposite side; and hence we must notice what follows. Since we are all sinners, Paul concludes, that we are deficient in, or destitute of, the praise due to righteousness. There is then, according to what he teaches, no righteousness but what is perfect and absolute. Were there indeed such a thing as half righteousness, it would yet be necessary to deprive the sinner entirely of all glory: and hereby the figment of partial righteousness, as they call it, is sufficiently confuted; for if it were true that we are justified in part by works, and in part by grace, this argument of Paul would be of no force — that all are deprived of the glory of God because they are sinners. It is then certain, there is no righteousness where there is sin, until Christ removes the curse; and this very thing is what is said in Galatians 3:10, that all who are under the law are exposed to the curse, and that we are delivered from it through the kindness of Christ. The glory of God I take to mean the approbation of God, as in John 12:43, where it is said, that “they loved the glory of men more than the glory of God.” And thus he summons us from the applause of a human court to the tribunal of heaven.)
Second, the question of the means of death. BTW, I do not mean that MAN has the choice to choose death or life as we do not have freewill to do so!!! What I’m trying to say is that, GOD in HIS infinity wisdom has already predestined life as well as death for all men regardless of race or religion way before the foundation of this world!! So no one chooses the means of death, whether it be removal of a feeding tube cos’ of mental incapacitation or a car accident cos’ of the severity of the injury, likewise the means of life!!
In conclusion, as you said, “Doctors dont know everything” cos they are in the flesh (Humans)….So trust GOD to have accomplished HIS Will in Terri rather than refute it!
March 23 Why its murder
I believe that dehydrating Terri Schiavo to death is absolutely murder. This woman is not being kept alive by artificial means. She is not on a ventilator or any machines. She is simply being fed through a tube. There are hundreds if not thousands of people living like this right now.

Of course its murder to deny her water. It is a terrible painful death. Michael Schiavo’s doctors say she doesnt feel anything because her brain damage, but that is very suspicious. How can they possibly know that for sure? Doctors make that mistake all of the time. One woman I met told me of the story of when she was in a coma like state for two months. She could not breathe on her own, she could not make any movements whatsoever. The doctors said she was brain dead. They convinced her daughter to “pull the plug” Until miraculously one young doctor came in and immediately recognized her illness as one that he had as a boy. The doctor gave her the proper treatment and she immediately recovered. She told me she was CONSCIOUS THE WHOLE TIME. She heard everything her daughter and the doctors said but could not respond. She said she desperately tried to tell them that she was still alive and not to let her die. But she could not say or do anything. Doctors dont know everything!!!

The Schiavo case is personal to me because my 55 year old mother has been in a similar state as Terri for the past three years. She was on a ventilator and feeding tube for a long time. But because our family had a day and night vigil at the nursing home for over a year without fail, the doctors could not ignore her or us. Most families can not do that. They work and have lives. We were fortunate in that my father my sister and I dont work and lived nearby. So the doctors even though they said she was brain dead, heard us and were able to wean her off the ventilator and later the feeding tube.  Now she is just bedridden and living back at home. She was a young and very vibrant active woman before her stroke three years ago. I know she would not have wanted to live like that. Who on earth would? No one chooses to become disabled. Becoming disabled does not give you the right to commit suicide!! Becoming disabled does not make it okay for you to be murdered.

We could not say “Well mom would not have wanted to live like this, lets just stop feeding her from now on.” No way on earth or in heaven would that be considered ok. It is the same thing with Terri. We will always have sick people on earth. It is our responsibility to care for them and make them feel as comfortable as possible.

I do believe that people have a right to be allowed to die if that is the next natural step, for instance if a sick patient has a heart attack, they have a right to not be resucitated if that is what they wanted. This case is different. She is being denied food and water. That is cruel. She is not being denied machinerey or life sustaining medicine. Food and water. There is a big difference.


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