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I Miss You Honey…

To the man I love very much & miss so dearly –
Before you left, I wished to hug you and tell you that I love you,
But all I could do was just kiss you on your cheek and say I will miss you.
You know very well I’m just a body without a soul if you are not with me,
I need to hear you, sense you and feel you close by me all the time to know that I’m still alive.
I know you can’t bring us along with you,
As you would be torn between taking care of us and preparing for the conference.
I understand…
I will keep you in my prayers,
Asking GOD every second to be with you on the roads, in the hotel & during the presentation.
As always I know our GOD will see you through your presentation!!
Right now, my heart aches and my eyes refuse to hold back the tears..
But I have to, for I do not wish for our children to see me breakdown.
Be my comfort & bridge for the superficial distance that is separating me from my love!!
– Prisca
(11:36 am, 15th Mar 06)

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