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I would never allow anyone to make a decision on behalf of me except for my husband!

It’s been a year since Terri passed on and today I watched her husband Michael Schiavo being interviewed by Keith Olberman of MSNBC news. My heart became heavy…reminiscing the events leading up to the day when Terri’s feeding tube was removed and the day she was pronounced dead…the fuss Terri’s parents and siblings made appearing in Fox News with Shaun Hannity almost everyday …Bill Frist showing video clips of Terri at the Senate meeting…the senate summoning Michael Schiavo to court…people crowding outside the hospice protesting…now I’m raged! How dare anyone intervene in a husband and wife’s decision!I would never allow anyone to make decisions on behalf of me or on behalf of my husband especially when we can’t speak for ourselves by that I mean when in a vulnerable state. I always tell my husband, “Honey, you know very well what to do if I’m disabled or have a deadly/incurable disease…let me go, don’t treat me and make me suffer more, let me die in peace…don’t let anyone make any decisions for me, except for you and only you is allowed to make any decisions on behalf of me.” And my husband has said the same to me. This is the type of conversation that a husband and wife would have.

I just cannot accept the fact that just cos’ a mother gave birth to a child that she is the only one who knows her child well enough and thus can make decisions on behalf of her child. That may be true when the child is still young and not married. But after marriage it is the spouse who should have the right to that decision. For a man and woman have committed to each other through their marriage vows to be there for each other till death do them apart.

It does not matter to me if my husband would wish to get married to another woman after my demise. In fact, I would be happy that he is getting on with his life and not in remorse over my death and thus ruin his life. I would be glad that he has found someone who could take care of our children.

If only Terri could speak…she would have echoed the same sentiment, putting all these hypocrites to shame!!


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2 thoughts on “I would never allow anyone to make a decision on behalf of me except for my husband!

  1. Unknown on said:

    Is your name Mary or Bob Schindler?  Well, since it\’s not, you have absolutely no right to speak about a family you do not know.  I know it takes all kinds to make the world go round – even your kind.  You probably don\’t have children if you can speak like that.  You weren\’t part of the family and you really have no idea what the heck you\’re talking about.  You have every right to your own personal opinion as far as what you would do, but you have NO right criticizing another family.

  2. Priscilla on said:

    Well, I understand your rage, but believe me I am more qualified than you think to comment on this issue.
    BTW, family fundamentals are common across the human spectrum, hence one don\’t have to die in order to know what death is all about!! Thus I hope you take my opinion as a constructive exegesis rather than a destructive criticism.

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