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Brazil – FIFA World Cup 2006

To watch my favorite football player in the World Cup is beyond description!

I still cannot forget Pele’s legendary bicycle kicks during the  60s & 70s World Cup Series (Not that I was born at that time to watch him play live). I grew up watching Pele’s best games and thus became an avid fan of the World Cup cos’ of him.  The team that Pele played for became my favorite team and till today I’m still a faithful fan of Brazil.

To watch my favorite team BRAZIL still living up to it’s legendary ancestry (with players like Ronaldinho, Ronaldo, Cafu, Carlos, Kaka, Robinho) is an exhilarating experience!

Being ranked the world’s number one team, the only team to have qualified for every single FIFA World Cup and five times World Cup Champions, the last two matches has been disappointing play by Brazil. At this rate it’s gonna be tough to beat Germany/Argentina (hopeful contenders for the finals).

So team BRAZIL;

It’s time to show the world who is the king of football,

It’s time to play with the caliber of your famous ancestors like Pele and Zico,

It’s time again to entertain the world with your acrobatic foot play,

So go get them, Team BRAZIL…


The World Cup is yours!!!


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