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You & Me – The Biased Judges

An email I received today made me realize that our judgments are biased and it solely depends on our mindset. Be it conservative or liberal, in either case we are activists in our own way because what we think and feel is right, is what we apply to judge others! In other words, I find that we totally lack unbiased examination of an issue, a problem or an outcome of an event.

I can even go to the extend of saying that we are incapable of not being biased; subconsciously we do take sides based on our values.

For instance, today I encountered a complex emotional dilemma when I received an email stating that one of my friends who married a celebrity through love marriage got divorced! Even though I know both of them, much more than them, I’m concerned about their small children. Coming to the point, my moral compass instantly accused none; a strange decision which might not make both sides happy!

In either case, I strongly feel a woman has to have the right to break away if she finds her marriage fruitless, but at the same time I don’t approve her decision when there are children involved in the context. People sometimes mistake a person with a liberal view claiming that they are only bothered about women’s rights or so (BTW, I’m not a feminist!) but the fact of the matter is, that all situations must be analyzed with the most affected persons taken into account, in this case the children.

I may be wrong, do correct me if I am.


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