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The Great GOD Debate

Although America is predominantly a Christian country, the Christian community here is rapidly drifting from being torchbearers of the “Gospel of our Savior Jesus Christ” to the “Moral Police” political action party (towards Moral Majority Revival, to be precise, as led by late evangelist Rev. Jerry Falwell); it is called the Conservative Christian Right (sarcastically called the “wing-nuts” by the intellectual left… l.o.l)! It is amazing to see how history repeats faithfully by bringing out these radicals who misuse religion to advance their secular agenda; and we can do nothing about it, but just to “pass them by” as Calvin did to those (pathetic souls with “holier than thou” attitude!) who “amused themselves” equating their righteousness with the purity of angels.

One of the sure manifestations of our fallen nature is the arrogance of attempting to interpret the scripture “presumptuously” as Augustine states humbly when he began his commentaries, and it is amazing to see such a thing happening even now as it happened several times in the course of our human history in the past, when Christianity deliberately distracts from the set-course for a moment and try to interpret scripture to match the radical ideology that a small group wants the society to swallow! Although excited by lot of success initially, takes profound humiliation in their attempt, shame and defeat from unexpected corners in the end, and then reverts back to the right track towards the age-old sweet Gospel, with humility, at last; not to mention taking it’s toll on both sides of the sword in this “course correcting” process! – is this part of our Master’s grand plan?

“As God seals his elect by vocation and justification, so by excluding the reprobate from the knowledge of his name and the sanctification of his Spirit, he affords an indication of the judgment that awaits them.” – John Calvin, Institutes of the Christian Religion (On Double Predestination).

Alright, enough with the introduction (and Calvin propaganda… l.o.l), attached below is a nice debate conducted by the Conservative Christian Right with the hope that more suckers will subscribe to their insane agenda, instead faced a humiliating defeat from an atheist!

p.s. If you have good connection to listen to the debate online then use these links:

Christopher Hitchens & Mark D. Roberts debate Part 1, 34m 17s

Christopher Hitchens & Mark D. Roberts debate Part 2, 34m 10s

Christopher Hitchens & Mark D. Roberts debate Part 3, 34m 06s


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