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Science Can Make Babies Now

Came across some new inventions that can artificially create sperms, eggs, even womb!

On one side I have a question as to why there exists a need for the scientific community to make an artificial sperm, for that matter an artificial egg and womb! Don’t we have enough people to populate the earth? What is the purpose of this invention – to prove that they are equal to a creator? St. Augustine wrote that one of the most compelling temptations we all have is “to be like God” – the arrogance that actually caused the first fall itself, in the Garden of Eden! Why is the scientific community constantly focused on these sort of stuff when there exist so many other needs & unsolved issues; why not spend the time and energy on inventing cures and what not than on things that are not in-line with “creating a life” sort of a thing! I am not saying inventions such as IVF in order to help couples who have certain disabilities conceiving babies is wrong (in fact, I think it’s an amazing discovery that has blessed couples with twins, quadruplets and octuplets; more children at one go than the couples can fathom! :)) but what I’m not comfortable with is, things like creating artificial sperms, eggs and wombs because they have some societal repercussions in the long run…like, we will never be needing a father, for instance maybe…and before you feminists get all cocky, mothers will not be needed either! Children will be born in incubated labs like chickens! A recent Si-Fi serial called ‘Caprica’ actually depicts the creation of a software program that substitutes the role of the conscience (or soul, or whatever we call the thing that drives us) in a robot! A virtual reality future!

On the other hand, I do agree that science must be viewed in a scientific angle. My premises for this argument, taking certain “arguably good” things that the scientific community comes out with and trash the rest, especially based on my belief system or my emotions, is completely wrong in the first place! Scientific inventions must be looked at a scientific point of view for appreciation and enjoyment. They are weird sometimes, but are not trivial; making an artificial sperm, for instance, is not a slam dunk task as making an omelet – it takes years of understanding very complex elements that goes into it… In fact, the scientific process itself is thrilling in many cases, even if the experiment fails in the end! Once my Pastor (Pastor Lau) even alluded to the fact that scientists are the first to recognize God’s hand in everything, they understand and admire things that are far beyond an average person’s ability to comprehend – like how just 4 sugar-compounds Adenine, Thymine, Guanine and Cytosine could build life (DNA) from scratch! I’m sure facts like these may not amaze a common street folk to an extent it amazes a scientist 🙂 but still…

OK, so how should we view the new inventions (yes, I am talking about the sperms, eggs and womb! L.O.L), should it be taken as a sort of runaway freight train? Or should it be feared as a necessary evil, just as once the religious folks thought Steam Engine was a devil and stoned it! 🙂

I leave it to you to decide.



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