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The Easter Egg

Passover Seder is a Jewish ritual feast conducted at the beginning of the Passover. During which, the Seder Plate, a special plate, is kept on the dinner table, containing 6 special items,  each representing a symbol. One of which is a roasted egg, symbolizing the festival sacrifice that was offered in the Temple of Jerusalem. As many of you know already, Catholics have a tradition of associating a lot of miracle legends with Mary. And, one of it was that she brought the above-mentioned cooked eggs, following the Jewish Passover tradition, to share with other women when she visited Christ’s tomb on the day of resurrection. It so happened that miraculously all the eggs turned red when she saw the risen Christ! This legend also extended to add that, Mary went to the Emperor of Rome and greeted him with “Christ is risen”, pointing to an egg on his table, which too supposedly turned blood red! Consequently, early Orthodox and Eastern Christians greeted each other in the same way with decorated eggs on Easter day as a sacred tradition. Obviously since Protestantism came from Catholicism, many of these traditions sneaked-in, inspite of the best efforts made by the reformers admonishing everyone to leave the baggage behind! Not only this, a whole lot of other garbage came along, including Santa Claus, and freewill! Keeping aside this mess, Muslims and Jews (who are brothers of the same family of Abraham, by the way) on their part always attempt to diminish the significance of Christ; the Jews attempt to humanize the birth of Christ and the Muslims attempt to discard His resurrection! The foundation of Christianity rests on these beliefs that Christ was born of Virgin Mary and resurrected on the third day of his death. These are so important facts, that to avoid heresy, the Apostles specifically put these two facts in their creed and made every believer confess them explicitly as a statement of belief and acknowledgement, so that Christ’s divinity is not eclipsed in anyway! That is why the tradition of reading this creed is still followed even today in all Christian churches – both for liturgical and catechetical purposes.By eliminating these two significant theological facts, our dear Jewish and Muslim brethrens,  could easily bring down the pillars of Christianity and make  the Gospel of Christ just another pagan fable! Sadly in their attempt in doing so, they adapt disgusting techniques, such as associating pagan stories & myths with good Christian traditions and festivals, even take movies such as Da Vinci Code, to trivialize Christ as a common man who was once married and had a child! What they are failing to understand is that, Christianity is not based on days and customs, rather built on Christ and His salvation. Hence, on Christmas day, no matter when it is marked on the calendar, we rejoice that a Redeemer is born for us. On Good Friday, no matter on what day of the week it falls, we remember that He paid the price for our sins, and on Easter, whether we roll the eggs or not, we know that we could boldly sing:

“O Death, where is your sting?”
“O Hades, where is your  victory?”!

So, let us not fall for these traps and distractions, and take our eye off the ball – CHRIST!
The Seder Plate
St. Mary Magdalene holding a red Easter egg

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