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The Office of the Law

The purpose of the Law, after Christ, can be summarized as follows:

1. To convict the believers of their sin, consequently to REPENTANCE, leading them to run to the cross, and hide safely under Christ’s RIGHTEOUSNESS; this is how a believer secures eternal life.

2. To convict the unbelievers of trespassing, make them FLEE from Christ in arrogance, for they are puffed-up of their OWN righteousness, consequently judged on their OWN merit and condemned for eternal damnation!

The Scared Scripture clearly says that it is IMMPOSSIBLE to keep-up the law, for NONE, not even one is righteous under the Law! And, at the same time, without Law NONE will know sin either!

Romans 7:7 – “I would NOT have known sin except through the law. For I would not have known covetousness unless the law had said, ‘You shall not covet’.”

In simpler words:

1. When do you repent?

When I’m convicted of my sin, and need a CLOSURE.

2. How do you know that you are sinning?

The LAW tells me that I broke one!

3. Do all people repent?

Maybe, but only the BORN-AGAIN believers have a closure.

4. What happens when you are born-again?

A NEW Spirit is given to me.

5. Do you stop sinning after you are born-again?

NO, I can’t stop sinning because my flesh (which is not regenerated) constantly REBELS against my regenerated Spirit!

6. How do you know you are sinning?

The Law tells me that I broke one, AGAIN and AGAIN!

7. Does that mean you are continuously repenting?

Yes I am, and plead for forgiveness THROUGH Christ, and I get the closure.

8. Repenting, even after you are born-again?

Only after I was born-again I started to repent seriously, BTW!

9. Are you righteous?


10. But you are still sinning, how could you be righteous?

I am sheltering under Christ’s righteousness, therefore I am DEEMED righteous! This is called justification.

11. So technically you are still a sinner?

YES, I am.

12. At the same time you are a saint?

YES; all His ‘predestined elects’ who were ‘called’ are saints.

13. You don’t have to worry about repenting, after all the Law has NO POWER over you, right?

The Law does not have the power to DECREE me to death, because Christ’s atonement on the cross covers the penalty for my sins! But, without the Law convicting me, I will NOT know the sin, consequently I will NOT repent!

14. Why do you need to repent, after all your Salvation is secured under Christ, right?

There is something called sanctification, its part of the regeneration process, preparing me for my glory; repentance does this work, by constantly reminding ‘who saved me’ (Christ, by his blood on the cross) and ‘who I am now’ (belong to my Savior for eternity).

15. So when will you stop repenting, in other words, when will the Law stop convicting you of sin?

When my body stops rebelling against the Spirit.

16. When will that happen?

When I am given a new body that obeys the Spirit.

17. When will you get that new obeying-body?

When I resurrect gloriously, after my death! 🙂

Romans 8:30 – “whom He predestined, these He also called; whom He called, these He also justified; and whom He justified, these He also glorified”.


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