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People of The Book

1. There was a group of people who spoke a specific set of language dialect, such as Hebrew, Arabic etc., called the Semitic language. They had a Big Book, composed of a collection of small books; books of historical accounts, social laws, books of genealogy, books of songs, proverbs and prophecies – part of it was called the Torah. The Israelites owned it, it was their lifeline; be it war or peace, they always referred only to it. This book was so important, that a specific tribe was completely dedicated to guard its affairs, i.e., none of them in that tribe did anything else, generations after generation. All for the book.

2. Zero-AD: Christ’s dominion began! No one expected an earthquake with the arrival of a simple carpenter! But it did tremble the earth… Prophesies were fulfilled. Hope and Salvation became a common term! Crosses burned, lions fed, but death became a sweet fragrance and they kept on singing! All for the book.

3. Christ-ians added a bunch of more books (mostly letters, revelations and historical accounts pertaining to Christ) to the big book, called it The Bible and owned it for themselves! They didn’t stop there…, like the Semite tribes, referred to it for everything! Not surprisingly, it also led their anger direct over the Semites themselves (for crucifying Christ), hence were born the Crusaders. They ran over the Semites (over both Hebrews and the Arabs, after all, both these tribes were descendants of the same father, Abraham) ruthlessly; All for the book.

4. The book’s percepts soon became the de facto norm and center of everything for the Christians (hence came the name Catholic from Latin/Greek roots meaning universal), that they iron chained it, for it is exceptionally holy, and kept it to the preview of a very few dedicated ‘so called experts’ for centuries, dispensing only the interpretations to the peasants. They ran their kingdoms with that, ran their wars with that, built their social laws with that, and so on… and on, even many fraternal organizations and secret societies were formed, like the Freemasons, Knights Templar, Order of the Temple, etc., to guard the artifacts related to this book, and the book’s content itself from being tampered. All for the book.

5. As expected, the desire for the book grew rapidly, and the people felt that they needed to know the Truth and more, with no interpretations and interpreters in between them and this book! Soon the chains were broken (the Protestant Reformation) and the book was freely printed and published to the peasants against all odds (The French Revolution, the first printing press). Nations burnt, kingdoms fell, and the truth strengthened the common folks; they became the underdog! But, it was not easy; some hid underground, some were banished, some even fled to unknown nations (current USA, for example) with their newly printed Bible (commonly called The Good Book), fearing confiscation by the state and conviction for committing ‘heresy’; – all for the book.

6. 2010-AD: Many have read the Good Book, translated it in most earthling-languages (2,936 and counting, as of today) and took the great commission fervently to spread the good news that there is ‘Hope’ for mankind. Many eyes were opened; Christianity stands as the largest practiced religion on earth! All by the Book.

7. For its believers, the content of the Good Book is either Inspired, Enlightened or Revealed by the Almighty, hence it is referred to as The Word, with reverence. The holders of the book became so dependent on the Word, so much so, that they always ‘quote’ the book! For this reason (and for some unknown reasons) some observers, such as the Muslim brethrens, call the Christians as the People of The Book!


Battle Between Flesh And The Spirit

—–Original Message—–

From: Priscilla

To: ArulMozhi

Mmm…. looks like you have got yourself into a conflicting mess, I guess. Yes, flesh and spirit always clash and in all cases flesh will win, as long as we live; hence there is no point in attempting to “conquer” as some hermits do. Well, this does not mean that we can completely stop resisting the conquest, but my point is that the flesh is not the “flesh” that the dictionary defines. For instance, people always try to separate “thought” and “action”; e.g., “sinful thought” and “sinful action”. What they fail to understand is that both are the same, after all, action is the manifestation of thought and it is the root of all actions! In other words, just because the thought has not manifested into action, it does not mean that the consequences of the uncommitted action are absent (maybe in mortal terms, but not true in the spiritual realm). So this idea of binding action alone to flesh is incomplete. Flesh encompasses the thought as well as the action that proceeds from the same thought. Hence conquering action should start from conquering the thought, which you know how futile would that attempt be!!

More confused than before, uh??…..



p.s. With no surprise, this rationale holds good for righteousness as well. Although incomparable to the purity of heaven, the 2 cent offering by the poor woman was considered an act of rigorousness than a pompous contribution by the rich (hope you can recollect this incident in the Bible)

—– Original Message —–

From: ArulMozhi
To: Priscilla

Hi Prisci,

I really appreciate your reply. There is a profound reality to it. I appreciate your sincerity and truthfullness. Accepting what life offers is just great. Acceptance is the key word here.

There has always been the fight between the will and the mind and Adam did decide to go for the forbidden fruit and from that day we moved further away from eternal peace.

Good to hear that you are pretty busy. Has the school started for your son? How is your daughter doing? probably running around and testing out what can be broken:-)


—–Original Message—–

From: Priscilla Edward
To: ArulMozhi

….BTW, Adam when accepted his wife’s offer to sin he did not fight between his will and his mind (you mean spirit and flesh I guess); he just did it because he CHOOSE to ignore his subordination to God and CHOOSE to rebel against the HIM (the authority) by CHOOSING to obey his subordinate (his wife & the serpent). I know what you are thinking; yes he did have the freewill to choose between “dos” and “don’ts” before the fall. The fight between the spirit and the flesh started after the fall as the consequence of the curse. In fact, the thing that we call “fight” between the spirit and flesh is actually the rebel that the flesh (subordinate) is putting against the spirit (the authority), exactly the same way how he did it against his the authority. This is the current pathetic state of a human who cannot have the flesh obey his own spirit, for that matter the entire creation which was supposed to be subordinate to him actually rebels against him! Nevertheless, because of one sacrifice (the LAMB of God) this curse will been be removed and we will be given a new body that which obeys the spirit. When? Upon resurrection!

Good topic to ponder and keep you busy too…



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