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Happy Woman’s Day

Yes, today is Womans’ Day, but did you know that there is a day called “Punch Your Neighbor Day”? LOL It’s a festival celebrated in Bolivia and they call it “Tinku” – meaning encounter or meeting (translate to “batter the f*** out of someone”) LOL, according to a blogger!

Still not getting the picture? Well, here is a likely scenario of a conversation by two casual visitors to Bolivia on Tinku Festival:

“Sweetie, look, there’s a darling little town ahead. Let’s stop for a coffee.”
“That sounds simply divine. Gosh, it’s popular! Look how many people are there. Oh, they’re dancing! Look! How quaint!”

“Well I’ve always had a good eye for nice out-of-the-way places, Georgina. Remember that wonderful cafe in- OH MY GOD what ARE THEY DOING THEY’RE BEATING THE F*** OUT OF EACH OTHER! Piss the s***! Henry! Henry back the f*** up, we’re going home!”    LOL

 BTW, Happy Woman’s Day girlfriends, sisters & nieces! Love you’ll lots!! Hugs…:)


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